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AIRBRIO® deploy and integrate advanced technologies across telecommunication and IT platforms to help patients, their carers and healthcare professionals monitor a patient’s inhaled medication intake and manage their condition.

What is Airbrio®?

AIRBRIO® is a Respiratory Management System for ASTHMA or COPD:

Track and Train your inhaler use for more effective delivery, better control of your condition (Asthma or COPD) & peace of mind.

– Enables improved adherence to prescription
– Enables improved inhalation technique
– Promotes clinical best practice
AIRBRIO® is a new approach that provides users, carers and healthcare professionals with valuable new data that was not previously available. The system is designed to process and present this data in a meaningful way to empower users to improve management of their respiratory condition.

The AIRBRIO® Respiratory Management System utilizes electronic sensors to capture data. Data is securely transferred from AIRBRIO® to an AIRBRIO® app via Bluetooth® and then onwards to a secure data analytics / cloud storage.

Data is processed and analysed for displayed to patients, carers or healthcare professionals as requested.

Asthma Statistics


IRE: 470,00


UK: 1 in 11 Children & 1 in 12 Adults
IRE: 9.8% of population or almost 1 in 10 people


UK: 1216 deaths in 2014
IRE: More than 1 person each week

Key Features

Effective delivery of medicine

Monitoring medicine intake and providing valuable feedback on how to improve technique

Supporting prescription compliance

Monitoring compliance and providing daily data and reports to patients, carers and professionals

Promoting clinical best practices

Proactively prompting patients with recommended activities and encouraging best practices

AIRBRIO® Respiratory Management System is comprised of:


The product is compatible with many asthma spacer devices and metered dose inhalers (MDI’s)*. Users receive real-time feedback by way of Red-Green lights illuminating during use to improve their inhalation technique and to know when they have emptied the spacer.

Respiratory Management System


During the on-line registration process (optional) users can download an app. The AIRBRIO® Mobile App enables upload and presentation of relevant data from AIRBRIO® as well as allowing users to engage with valuable tools that support their Asthma Management.

AIRBRIO® Dashboard

Displays personal performance data to users in a clear and easy format. AIRBRIO® focuses on two key scores ‘Inhalation Compliance’ and ‘Prescription Compliance’ and encourages users to sustain high scores of each on an ongoing basis.

Users can set up preference settings for how they want to share and receive summary reports on their compliance scores.

In addition, users will receive regular best-practice tips and prompts as well as alerts and communications if adverse events or trends are detected in their data.

AIRBRIO® is designed to be engaging and supportive of our users and is a powerful tool that can help them realise daily improvements in their physical wellness through better management of their condition.

Everyone with Asthma has their own personal mix of triggers.

The best way to control these triggers is to take your preventer inhaler every day as prescribed and in an effective manner.

It is well recognized that a number of factors are associated with sub optimal asthma control including:

  • Poor inhalation technique
  • Poor compliance with prescribed inhaled medication regimes
  • Not following clinical best practices for spacer use/maintenance and asthma management

The AIRBRIO® Solution

AIRBRIO® is a valuable tool that can help you improve your asthma management and allow you to get the most out of each and every day.

Best Practices

AIRBRIO® records how often and how well you use your spacer against a number of best practice criteria including shaking the Inhaler before dispensing the medication, starting inhalation immediately after dispense, inhalation rate and volume inhaled.

Real-Time Feedback

Lights illuminate on AIRBRIO to indicate good inhalation rate and when spacer has been emptied.

Inhalation Compliance Score

Users receive an Inhalation Compliance (%) score for each AIRBRIO® use that indicates how well medication was taken. By maintaining high compliance scores users/carers are helping to maximize the amount of medication getting into the airways were it can be effective.

Prescription Compliance Score

AIRBRIO® logs the time and date of each product use. Actual usage can be compared to users prescription details that they entered during registration process.

Users will receive a Prescription Score (%) that indicates how well they are complying with their prescription.


As a registered user you will automatically receive weekly / monthly summary reports and merit badges. The data and reports patients and their nominated carer/healthcare professional receives from using AIRBRIO® can be a huge advantage to doctor and clinicians in monitoring a patient’s treatment. AIRBRIO® provides useful data where before there was none.

Much More…

  • receive alerts, prompts, training intervention if adverse trends or events are observed
  • view useful information and training videos
  • log observations on your asthma condition and wellness for future reference in your personal journal
  • Review Air Quality Index for your area